Marketing a Beer Label

Tips for marketing a beer label


There is probably not a better time for launching your beer label than now. Beer advocates all of the United States are flocking to try each new brew that craft breweries put out. However, you’re also late to the party. There is a ton of competition in the craft beer market because of this surplus in demand.


If you plan on launching a beer label, there are a handful of marketing tips you should keep in mind.


Know Your Customers


There is not a company in the world that can achieve success without knowing its customer based. Understanding your customers allows you to appropriately interact with them and potentially cater to some of their feedback.


Your audience should be relatively small. Not every beer drinker is your target audience. There are plenty of people who would prefer a generic light beer to the craft beers you are brewing. Your goal is to find your niche audience and reach them.


Know Your Brand


Breweries are allowed to have attitude unlike many corporations. You are able to get away with being edgy or risque if you want. However if that is not the type of customer you have or the type of person you are, it is probably not the best route for your marketing efforts.


Some beers are elegant and more refined. For example, Stella Artois uses class as one of its primary selling points. Their commercials feature drinkers in suits and cocktail dresses. Other beer companies feature sports fanatics watching the game. Knowing your brand means knowing what occasions and locations your beer is popular at.


Create a Unique Label


A unique label is at the heart of every beer. A unique label does not mean you have to go design heavy and hire a custom artist. Some labels do a great job of minimalist design and perfect typeface.


Your bottle’s label should represent your brand and your customers. It needs to be unique enough to stand out but also be identifiable with your audience.


Keep it Local to Start


In general, people like to support their local community especially when it comes to craft beers. They know that if they support you in your early days, it will benefit them in the long run. Your beer could go from limited supply, to the next hottest taproom in town if they support you.


Promote your beer in your community as a local brewer and gain the support in your immediate geographic area before attempting to launch nationally.


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