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dispensa matic bottle labeler logoWelcome to our blog at Bottle-Labeler.com, part of the Dispensa-Matic label dispenser family. Our bottle labeling products, the Bottle-Matic I and the Bottle-Matic II, are the best option for your company to invest in for efficiency in your bottle labeling process. The semi-automatic machine can be used to label anywhere from 500-10,000 items daily and can be used on objects .5” to 10” in diameter.

We not only are involved in every step of the design for our machines, allowing us to ensure every part is high-quality, but we also make all of our products in the USA, nothing’s imported! We have a 21-day satisfaction guaranteed policy and each bottle labeling machine comes with a three year warranty. We can also perform and modifications necessary for any abnormal containers to ensure you get the best application each and every time.

The Bottle-Matic can help your company save time and money if you’re in need of something to label your products. You’ll have a handle on using the bottle labeling machine quickly, and once you find your rhythm you’ll be labeling products at a fast pace! Visit us at Bottle-Labeler.com for information on our products, or call us at (800) 325-7303 to learn more.