Ways a Bottle Labeler Can Improve Your Home Brew Business – Part 2

In the previous post, we spoke a little bit on how our bottle labeler can effectively improve your homebeer label maker brew business’ production time and costs. The versatility of our beer label maker is based on a number of features designed for ease of use. Choosing your machine from our company comes with features that simplify the operational process from start to finish.  Here are two additional ways in which your home brew business will benefit from using our beer label maker:

  • When using our foot switch label maker, it makes it extremely easy for the user to remove the labeled bottle quickly and insert another.
  • Our label maker makes it extremely simple to establish and follow a pattern that labels bottles properly and swiftly.

Experienced Company Offers Versatility & Quality

Since 1974 our company crews have been honing their label-dispensing skills. In fact, most of our success is based on numerous word-of-mouth references from satisfied customers. We can work with sizes and shapes as small as a test tube and as big as a 1.5 gallon bottle. In addition, we offer a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” warranty that states if you are not completely happy with your beer label maker within 21 days send it back—no questions asked! We are so confident in the results of this machine that we offer a 3-Year Warranty.

For more information about our beer label maker, contact us today at 1-800-325-7303!

Ways a Bottle Labeler Can Improve Your Home Brew Business

You’ve created a special home brew that’s growing in popularity. Take the next step in productivity with a beer bottle label applicator   to upgrade the efficiency of your business. The Bottle-Matic Applicator from Dispensa-Matic is a semi-automatic machine, with the capability to label 500-10,000 items in one day.

The faster you are able to label your brews, the more production value your business maintains. Jump at the chance to increase the production of your home brew business with our beer bottle label applicator that labels products at nearly 1,200 pieces an hour. Our BottleMatic is capable of applying labels to containers .5” to 6” in diameter, with accuracy on all sides.  A beer bottle label applicator from Dispensa-Matic can improve the efficiency of your home brew business in a number of ways, but here’s just two:

  • Put any cylindrical container into the machine and press a foot-operated switch, making for easy, seamless operation.
  • The easy-to-use foot switch applies the label at more than 4.5” per second, making your labeling process quicker than before.

Although we are proud of the fact that our equipment is made in the USA, we do ship our products internationally. To learn more about the availability, customization, and versatility of our products, call 1-800-325-7303 in the United States and 1-573-392-7684 for international customers.

Color Considerations for Your Bottle Labels Part 1

colorful bottle labelsThe labeling on your product can say a lot about it, and while many try not to judge something based on its appearance, it will still be a factor in how customers perceive it. That’s why it’s important to put a lot of consideration into what the design of the labeling for your product will be. The colors your pick often elicit certain feelings and emotions. Here are some associations with different colors to help you pick the one that’s right for you:

Yellow – This color is often associated with businesses related to energy, food, and household items. This is because yellow tends to promote feelings of positivity, creativity, motivation, and warmth.

Blue – Blue is one of the most popular colors used in branding because it’s one of the most widely liked options. It tends to elicit a sense of ease as well as feelings of trust and dependability and does well with companies associated with energy, health care, finance, and agriculture.

Black – In comparison, black is a color that is not often used because of its dark and dramatic nature. Black is often associated with money and sophistication.

After you have your colors picked and you label designed, you’ll need a label applicator machine to make the process speedy and simple! Learn more about our Dispensa-Matic products at Bottle-Labeler.com.

Welcome to Our Blog!

dispensa matic bottle labeler logoWelcome to our blog at Bottle-Labeler.com, part of the Dispensa-Matic label dispenser family. Our bottle labeling products, the Bottle-Matic I and the Bottle-Matic II, are the best option for your company to invest in for efficiency in your bottle labeling process. The semi-automatic machine can be used to label anywhere from 500-10,000 items daily and can be used on objects .5” to 10” in diameter.

We not only are involved in every step of the design for our machines, allowing us to ensure every part is high-quality, but we also make all of our products in the USA, nothing’s imported! We have a 21-day satisfaction guaranteed policy and each bottle labeling machine comes with a three year warranty. We can also perform and modifications necessary for any abnormal containers to ensure you get the best application each and every time.

The Bottle-Matic can help your company save time and money if you’re in need of something to label your products. You’ll have a handle on using the bottle labeling machine quickly, and once you find your rhythm you’ll be labeling products at a fast pace! Visit us at Bottle-Labeler.com for information on our products, or call us at (800) 325-7303 to learn more.